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sportypenny 🍄Honest Review🍄 of @thrivebushcraft
Spent a couple of days bushcrafting on the edge of Dartmoor with Alex from Thrive Bushcraft. Long overdue review.
⬆️ That’s the little waterfall where you’ll fill up the kettle every day 😊
Aside from dramatically improving bow drill technique, I’m extremely pleased with my very first results in
- willow weaving: ‘t is a small but mighty coaster!! Roaaarrrr!
- clay pottery in open fire: perfect shot glass size ✌️
But what really blew my mind is how UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS foraged and wild food can be.
Forget munching on dandelion leaves and nodding appreciatively at the bitter taste.
Standby for elderflower champagne, rowan berry syrup, wild garlic pickle, fried hogweed shoots, veggies cooked in burdock leaves, …
This is a 5 star Michelin restaurant bushcraft situation right there.
Do you like my over-engineered burdock wrapped veggies, by the way?😂 it didn’t work too well, the handle had to be cut off to turn it over.
Seriously though - go to Chagford and do some bushcrafting. Bring even your non-bushcrafty friends. Alex will make them totally comfortable and may even convince them this ‘wild foods’ and ‘foraging’ malarkey is actually totally worthwhile because it’s YUM.
For all female solo adventurers like me out there : don’t hesitate. It’s safe and wonderful. ✌️
You’ll be with a fantastically skilful instructor who is also very willing to tailor activities around your needs. He can work with you if you’re a total beginner as well as a seasoned bushcrafter - you’ll learn lots and have a great time.
The bucket shower.
You must do it.
Don’t even hesitate.
It’s absolute magic.

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"It was amazing to get away from things in these beautiful woods.

Alex made us fantastic meals and cocktails using foraged ingredients which I had no idea were edible, let alone so delicious! We loved making pottery around the fire, and we were very cosy in our tent with our hot water bottles - one of many little touches which made the weekend so special.

Thanks again,


"Alex, I just wanted to say thank you again for the fab weekend. Now I’m back in London, I’m really realising how valuable the experience was.

Cheers, Cormac."

"Thank you so much for a great weekend Alex - for all your hard work and enthusiasm, and for sharing some of your knowledge with us. Despite your humble nature, I was very impressed with you! I learnt a lot, and the weekend has not only encouraged me to learn and appreciate more, but also to experiment more.


"Thank you again, Alex. It was really great to spend a weekend learning, laughing and being outdoors with you and our little crew. 

We feel quite inspired."

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