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Frequently Asked Questions

What about disabled access?

Thrive can run courses for people with disabilities. We use a more accessible part of the woodland for this. Activity choices may be affected however. Please call directly to discuss. If we can make it happen, we will.

Can I reach you with public transport?

Yes. Frequent trains and coaches run to Exeter. Free pick can be arranged from here. It takes half an hour to reach the woods from Exeter by car. There is also a bus from Exeter to Chagford if preferred.

What is your minimum/maximum group size?

Due to the bespoke nature of Thrive courses, we don't impose strict group limits. Individuals interested in focused one to one courses, or larger groups of around 14 are both very welcome. Please get in touch!

Is there phone signal?

Yes. Phone signal is usually good for calls, texts and basic mobile data required for applications such as WhatsApp and Messenger. You may struggle to browse the internet, but walking for about one minute uphill usually solves this.

Is there a shower?

Yes. Our shower is fire heated however and requires time to set up, so it is not always convenient to organise this at all times of the day. There are several fantastic wild swimming spots in the area, from 15-30 minutes walk away, as well as the local open-water swimming pool with hot showers 10 minutes walk away.

Is there a toilet?

Yes. There is a compost toilet.

Is there electricity?

There are no plug sockets, however battery packs are provided for keeping basic electronics such as mobile phones and cameras charged, via USB.

Can I drive to the woods?

Yes. There is roadside parking one hundred metres from the entrance of the woods. You will need to carry your bags approximately three hundred metres to the main site, deeper within the woodland. A cart is provided for this. There is also an option to park at a local viewpoint, then follow an old bridle track down into the woods. This takes about 15 minutes. For larger groups or those seeking a greater sense of immersion into the wilderness, this option is a fine choice!

What about wet weather?

We have an unlimited supply of firewood. The main area of camp is also fully covered by a large, sturdy shelter.

Will I be cold?

We have an unlimited supply of firewood. Our comfortable bell tents are carpeted, and several spare blankets are provided. Each bed will also have a hot water bottle provided at bedtime.

Do I need any specialist equipment?

No. Pack clothing as you would for outdoor activities away from home, including sturdy walking footwear.

A water bottle and head torch are useful items if you have them.

If in doubt, pack extra clothes.

Avoid expensive technical wear as it is easily damaged by fire.

For overnight courses, bell tents and camp beds are included as standard, but please bring a sleeping bag or duvet, and a pillow if you wish.

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